Zaria Kelley
I absolutely LOVE the CCC acting studio, I also love the owner and coaches there
Sade Wilson
If you are looking for not only great coaching but a great connection with an amazing coach this is where your baby should be. Mrs Tameka works hard for all her babies that you wouldn't even realize she is pursuing a career of her own. She teaches great fundamental skills each month with a different focus. My daughter loves Tameka and the emotions and range she has pulled out of her since we started has been amazing to watch! You get what you need and more at a great reasonable rate at that! Don't miss out sign up your baby today!
Dona N.
This is where you want to come to for acting classes.! Love this place when my daughter was acting. She's decided to go into dance so that's our focus now. if you are looking for a great studio to learn and grow at... this is the place!!!
Dawn H.
WELP....COVID-19 was responsible for putting MANY dreams, aspirations, desires and goals on hold. NOT so true when it came down to CCC Acting Studios, Mrs. Tameka Cruel (owner) and her team!!! This is the most AMAZING, FABULOUS and AWESOME establishment for young actors to get ALL of what they need; if they are passionate and willing to do the work. My 11 yr old daughter was certain that she wants to be a "Disney" actor. We were referred to Ms Tameka by a fellow classmate and student at CCC. Initially, due to my daughter meeting Ms Tameka virtually, she was a little reserved. Ms Tameka gave her instructions/directions over and over. It took a while but Ms. Tameka didn't give up on her, she pushed her more because she believed in my daughter. Ms Tameka, in her loving but no nonsense fashion, continued to work with my daughter AND then it happened!!! It all came together and Ms Tameka saw and was pleased with my daughter's progress. Moving forward, my daughter is now an actor WITH representation! THANK YOU CCC Acting Studios. We are forever grateful and proud to be a product of your environment .
Leisa Ozuna
Miss Tameka is a fantastically wonderful teacher as well as a friend to the families that attend CCC! She is just the right amount of tough, yet honest and loving to her students. She is not in this for the money, she's in this to help shape and Create a Confident Character of her students. She has so much real knowledge about the industry and the work it truly takes to be a successful person/actor. She has a wonderful assistant Jackie, and she is amazing as well. My son loves all the wild and wacky warm-ups she leads. She too has a heart for these kids. I am so thankful that another mom recommended CCC to us while on set. My son is learning so much that he is able to use in everyday life not just on a set or at an audition and we are forever grateful to Miss Tameka and Miss Jackie for that!
Dream Moms
This is by far the best place that can prepare and train your child for the entertainment business! Rates are AWESOME! Tameka and the Staff are outstanding! My daughter just booked a national commercial, a Christmas movie, and short film. Dont hesitate, sign up today!!!!!
Athena Watson
Great place to learn the art of acting and monologuing. Very helpful staff!